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12-09-22 Friendship Drain or Gain?

Is friendship always a good thing? When I think of friendship, I imagine someone I feel emotionally connected to, who cheers me on and brings out the best in me. They also challenge me when I move away from who I’m designed to be. And yet, are all our friendships like this? Do you have relationships that maybe aren’t such a positive influence in your life? In this episode of Life’s Inside Track, join the Dekker Team as we determine how to know which relationships move us forward and which don’t, and learn how a particular perspective shift may help our relationships grow with deeper maturity.
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12-02-22 When Risk Ain’t That Risky

Do you want to invest in real estate but feel paralyzed by the guesswork? Many of us worry the learning curve is too steep or that the risk outweighs the potential if it involves our current equity. Can we take on the maintenance? Will we need to give up travel to afford to own? On this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll join Wes Cunningham, a Canadian military officer, as he shares his journey with his first, second, and subsequent properties in Ottawa. Join Ken and Yetta as we identify how much effort goes into owning properties and how you’ll know whether it’s worth it. Together, we’ll learn what strategies you can use to navigate the learning curve and mitigate common concerns on your path to financial well-being.
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11-25-22 The Power of a Playful Mind

Someone once said that laughter is the closest distance between two people. Do you recall the last time you had a good belly laugh with a friend or family member? Join Ken and Yetta as we explore how humour draws us closer together, bringing authenticity and vitality to our relationships.
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11-18-22 Play the Wealth Game

Remember playing Monopoly as a kid? The feeling of the pink and blue paper money in your hands. The excitement built as the wad got thicker and thicker. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with The Dekker Team, we’ll learn ways to play full out financially, making each day count. Join Ken and Yetta to see how you can turn your financial situation into a game that motivates you in ways you’ve never imagined. 
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11-11-22 Turning a House Into a Home

Have you ever walked into a home and felt sad or depressing energy in it? They say a house is simply walls, doors, and flooring, but a home is where you hang your hat. What makes your structure a place of love, fun, and safety? In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll learn what makes a space a hub for those we care about. Join Ken and Yetta to understand what you can do to make your house feel like a home.

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