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07-12-24 Unmasking Hidden Home Hazards

Have you ever considered that your home might be harboring hidden dangers that could affect your health and safety? In this episode of LIFE's Inside Track, Yetta and Ken Dekker illuminate the unseen hazards lurking in your living space. From the risks of faulty electrical systems to the silent threat of carbon monoxide and radon gas, they unmask the dangers that you might not even know exist. But it doesn't stop at identifying these hazards; Yetta and Ken also provide practical solutions and tips to ensure your home remains a safe haven for you and your family. Whether it's addressing EMF exposure or making sure your home is rodent-free, this episode is packed with invaluable advice.
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07-05-24 Off the Relationship Hamster Wheel

Do your relationships ever feel like they’re spinning on a hamster wheel? In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track, join Ken and Yetta Dekker as they explore the art of listening and understanding within relationships. Discover how acknowledging and appreciating ideas, and understanding the emotions behind words, can transform your relationships and foster deeper connections. Through candid conversations, Ken and Yetta share valuable lessons from their 42 years of marriage and teamwork, discussing the balance between independence and interdependence. 
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06-28-24 Buy First or Sell First?

Ever feel like you're walking a tightrope trying to buy and sell a home at the same time? In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we unravel the chaos and provide a stress-free strategy so you can navigate the tricky waters of home transactions. Join Ken and Yetta as they share a proven process to keep you cool, calm, and collected throughout your buying and selling journey. 
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06-21-24 How to Maximize Retirement Savings

What if real estate could turn your retirement dreams into reality? Join Ken and Yetta Dekker on LIFE's Inside Track as we explore the powerful role real estate plays in securing your financial future. From leveraging inflation protection to intentional appreciation and generational wealth transfer, learn practical strategies to build and sustain wealth through real estate. Whether you're in Ottawa or anywhere else, our insights can guide you on the path to financial freedom.
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06-14-24 Unlock Wealth Through Unique Thinking

What if I told you that unlocking your financial potential could be as simple as appreciating how differently your spouse loads the dishwasher? In this week’s episode of LIFE’s Inside Track, Ken and Yetta Dekker dive deep into the essential steps needed to achieve financial freedom. From understanding the importance of budgeting to exploring innovative investment strategies, this episode is packed with valuable information to guide you towards a secure financial future.
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