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08-12-22 Relationship Advice Is Free for the Taking

It is everywhere! Have you ever noticed that there is an abundance of relationship advice, and that much of it differs? Have you ever taken counsel from someone and discovered it just didn’t work for you? In fact, it caused you distress rather than relief? In this show, we’ll learn the options of sources and types of relationship advice we’d be best to obtain.

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08-05-22 Get Your Head into the Game before Your Emotions

Have you ever gotten super excited when you were pre-qualified? Have you ever found yourself in the trap of thinking you had your finances all ready to go, only to discover that it was not so? In this episode, we will learn why you’ll want to have an expert to guide you on this part of your journey because there is more to consider than one might think.

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07-29-22 Closeness with Your Creator

Establishing patterns and habits that cause us to thrive is essential in every area of our lives. Habits rule us, whether for good or for ruin. In this episode, we’ll learn what habits will help us develop intimacy with our Creator.

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07-22-22 Exponentiality - You Have It Going On

We all know you can be still or noisy, but you can’t do both at the same time. It is impossible to do two things that are in opposition to each other at the same time. In this episode, we’ll consider that it is reasonably simple to get ourselves into a state that propels our thoughts and bodies forward in a direction that benefits our whole LIFE.

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07-15-22 Three Wealth Habits of the Wealthy

Most often in all areas of LIFE, it’s the little habits, those seemingly insignificant ones that make the BIG difference. We’ve likely heard, “beware of the Latte factor”, and it is absolutely a worthwhile wealth consideration. Yet what about simply earning more, allowing you to continue having those lattes? in this episode, we’ll consider what to eliminate, what to automate, what to increase, and how to jump on the opportunities that abound.

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