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05-05-23 Cabins, Hobby Farms, & New Builds!

Do you watch home improvement shows on Netflix? If so, you’ve likely seen several episodes or even documentaries on families opting to get back to nature. Off-the-grid cabins and hobby farms are becoming increasingly popular. With the lack of housing in Ottawa, other people are seeking new builds. Determining your mortgageability in these cases is not as straightforward as buying a standard home. In this Life’s Inside Track episode, Ken and Yetta unpack what most people don’t know about accessing mortgage loans.
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04-21-23 Blind to Your Investment Potential?

How far away are you from purchasing your next investment property? Maybe the rising interest rates and the increased prices of homes caused you to throw up your hands in despair. Perhaps you’ve been biding your time while your home equity builds. What if I told you many people could afford to own a property and don’t even know it? In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll learn three key elements that will position you to buy your next property when used wisely. You may discover you can afford your next investment but didn’t even know it.
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04-14-23 Juggling Your Commitments

Do you really want to honor all of your commitments? Many times I’ve found it painful keeping them because sometimes it feels like they restrict me rather than propel me forward. When we over-commit, we often lose our passion for the task and just feel obligated. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track, Ken and Yetta unpack what commitment has done in their life and life lessons they’ve learned along the way! Join the Dekker Team to learn how to make commitments you will keep and what to do when you don’t.
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04-07-23 Using a Hairdryer to Heat My Home?

Have you ever sat in front of a large window in the middle of winter? It’s chilly, isn’t it? Many people don’t realize that technology has advanced in energy efficiency, so much so that this experience is no longer necessary. In fact, your home could be toasty warm in the winter when you are in the basement and cool on the second story in the heat of the summer. On today's episode, Ken and Yetta will be interviewing Stephen Rolston and Kevin Rankin from Land Ark Homes, award winning Ottawa home builder, to understand how net zero housing can provide a luxury experience for the similar price of a conventional new build! Join them as we learn how your home can be so efficient, it’s like using only a hair dryer to heat it - in the middle of winter!
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03-31-23 Connecting With the King

How would you rate your relationship with God? I know there are times when I feel so close to Him; I’ll hear His voice daily and feel His clear guidance. Other times, it can seem like I’m just going through the motions, feeling disjointed and empty. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll discuss how to press into the Lord to feel His presence. Join Ken and Yetta as we learn practical ways to refresh our connection with God.
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