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01-07-22 How to Protect the Value of Your House

Do you desire to find innovative solutions to increase the value of your home? How can your monthly payments and interest work in your financial favour? In this episode, we will learn that consistent maintenance can safeguard the value of your home.

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12-31-21 Why Vision Requires Building Faith and Trust

Being intrigued by the idea and a heartfelt collaboration to help bring change required a whole lot of faith. You understand enough to become part of that change. We are seeing part of the vision just enough to realize we have the ability, the technology, and the finances to get to level one and maybe level two (of what seems to be a multiple level task) became much easier to digest. We now understand why God only gives us the first part of the vision. The whole thing is an exercise in building faith and trust.

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12-24-21 Revisiting Your Health Is Wealth

Do you struggle to prioritize your health? Have you experienced unknown pains in your body? The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to care for our body. All the money in the world can’t buy back your health. In this episode, we will learn together about how we can re-envision a healthy, wealthy life even during the holiday season.

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12-17-21 Optimally Winning in Wealth with a Clear Vision

Do you long to have better finances? Do you aspire to become passionate about your work? Do you desire to gain knowledge about money? Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes drive, and passion. In this episode, we will discuss tips and tricks on planning for your financial future so you can live successfully while your money grows successfully too.

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12-10-21 Who’s in Your Whoville with You?

Do you ever struggle in your relationships? Are you challenged with creating appropriate boundaries with your friends or clients? Do you desire mentorship relationships that will grow you in exponential ways? We as people are like elevators, they either take you up or down. In this episode, we will discuss and we’ll learn together, helpful strategies to determine how to best manage and navigate our relationship circles. You’ll be creating even greater vitality, success and love infusing harmony into your LIFE and theirs.

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