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10-08-21 So You Want to Make an Impact...

Whether you desire to or not, you are always making an impact and the real question is, is it your desired impact? Others see you and are watching quite closely. Are those in your family or community also a part of your inner circle? Have you ever considered how to decide who’s who in your life and why it matters that you know the difference between your community and your inner circle? In this episode we’ll explore the value of choosing, nurturing and cultivating your inner circle. When you are willing to invest the time and the intention into the best relationships the value of the impact will be felt in both your and their communities and lives every single day.

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10-01-21 Leverage Can Be Dangerous

Have you ever wondered why some people accomplish more, earn more and have more money? Or why some have more time for family, friends, leisure, and even take more vacations? Have you heard that leverage is the answer and yet been told that leverage is what will cause you to lose big? If you have, then let’s listen and together consider these eye opening truths about how to apply leverage SAFELY.

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09-24-21 The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

Have you ever had a dream or a desire that you were afraid to share with anyone? Have you found yourself caught in a web of self doubt that created the experience of shrinking and minimizing your very existence? At first your dream seems so unrealistic that you even tell yourself that it's not possible. And you finally get to the place where you believe and share with others and they just don’t get it. In this episode we’ll explore the best gift you can gift yourself, those things that never leave you and how to get to clarity and peace within and radiate without. Let’s together be in harmony within & without.

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09-17-21 Getting Ready to Own Is as Simple as 1-2-3

Have you ever considered the amount of money you earn in a lifetime, and wondered what happens to it? Why are some people broke their whole life and others who have earned the same amount have an abundance? Interestingly, the three basic steps to becoming wealthy, as described in The Wealth Formula, apply specifically to buying your first house or buying an investment property. There are more similarities than differences. If you already own a home, you have likely already seen the value of owning and experienced the steps associated with buying, and a refresher will be of huge value. Is it your time to take the plunge into owning? If yes, this is a prescriptive show tailor made for you. This is absolutely for you if you want to know the steps to building financial wealth through real estate. Ready for a new and improved outcome, join this episode and get your 1-2-3 in the right order.

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09-10-21 Who You HANG With Matters...More Than You THINK!

Do you remember your parents saying to you, or maybe you said it to your kids, “Be careful about who you hang out with because you will become like them.” I sure do and I thought there would be a time in life that I would outgrow being impacted so significantly by the attitudes and actions of those that I spend time with. We have a tendency to think the company we keep only makes us who we are, when we are kids. Have you ever noticed that all of a sudden you had a new attitude or behaviour that was out of character for you? Have you ever had a close friend say, “you are in my head and I sounded just like you?” Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood and wondered how that was possible because you had had a fabulous day? Together we’ll explore how to choose the right ones to hang with no matter what our age is and even how to be the right one to hang with.

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