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09-30-22 The Universal Stopper

Have you ever allowed fear to stop you in your tracks? Perhaps you didn’t apply for the job you wanted. Or you ended a relationship prematurely. When we allow fear to take over, it can be a lot like stepping into quicksand; we sink before we’ve even had a chance. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with The Dekker Team, we will sit down with Mindset Mastery Mentor, Suzan Hart, to apply the teaching in 2 Timothy 1:7 to our lives. Join us to look at how God’s plan to give us a sound mind builds us a bridge to peace.

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09-23-22 Suffering for Sufferings Sake

Have you ever hung onto suffering like it was a security blanket? In the past, sometimes my suffering went on and on. The pain and frustration we often experience when challenged or something doesn’t go our own way. I actually began to like to feel and act like a martyr that suffered for the long haul. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track, the Dekker Team will sit down with Mindset Mastery Mentor, Suzan Hart, to learn why suffering is optional.

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09-16-22 Normal Is Broken

Have you ever determined “We’re just like everybody else we know, so it must be ok!”? Yetta and Ken struggled with their finances for a decade and stayed quiet. They thought just getting by was normal. They reckoned that even though it was dreary, and they were standing on shaky wobbly financial legs, it was just the way it was always going to be. In this episode, we’ll learn that awareness is the first step to making a decision to function and live differently. No matter what circle we are in, the status quo is often broken.

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09-09-22 We Need to Talk

Have you ever put off an important conversation and the situation went from bad to worse? All too often, when we withdraw and choose to say nothing for fear of saying the wrong thing, it blows up. You may feel ashamed, deeply saddened and exasperated with yourself. When the avoidance wrecks a relationship entirely, you are at a loss. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track, we will unpack some of the barriers that block great conversations. We’ll even learn some practical solutions you could start utilizing today.

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09-02-22 Buyer’s Remorse Is Real

Have you ever been so sure of the decision you just made and then later wonder if it was a wise choice? It’s pretty typical for many of us to second guess ourselves when buying something as significant as a home. Clients that experience buyer’s remorse describe it as anxiety mixed with a dose of frustration and overwhelm. In this episode, we’ll learn that everyone is susceptible to buyer's remorse. Get ready to grasp the signs, and learn why it doesn't have to be this way.

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