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11-04-22 Have Fun or Go Home

Does buying or selling a home need to be stressful? Many times when we think of moving, we envision highly involved paperwork, strangers tromping through our personal space, and emotional highs and lows. Having completed thousands of transactions during our decades as real estate agents, we’d love to assure you that the process doesn’t have to be upsetting! In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with The Dekker Team, we’ll discuss what 3 key components make for an enjoyable buying and selling experience. Sounds impossible? Join Ken and Yetta to understand how to navigate potentially stressful aspects of the process with a joyful attitude.

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10-28-22 Decide Your Life Anew

Have you ever used your pain as a catalyst to do something different? Is it possible for discomfort to be your motivation for change? The real question is, is that motivation lasting, or does the motivation vanish as soon as the pain disappears? In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll learn what the formula is for creating lasting transformation, and it might not be what you think! Join Ken and Yetta to learn how to purposely, powerfully, and playfully form a fabulous new identity that moves you into the life you most desire.

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10-21-22 Leverage - Friend or Foe?

With rising interest rates and increasing market prices, have you found that inflation is outpacing your return on your investments? In fact, people are feeling the pressure now more than ever, to make wise investment choices. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with The Dekker Team, we’ll determine one of the safest ways you can leverage your money and still get a high rate of return. Join Ken and Yetta to contemplate how with the right counsel, you can even double your leverage in a shifting market.

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10-14-22 Too Scared to Ask?

Have you ever felt taken advantage of by someone who asked for a lot more than he or she ever gave in return? Often, in our desire to avoid doing this ourselves, we struggle alone rather than asking for help from those we care about. The question is, what is this costing you over the long run? In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with The Dekker Team, we’ll learn how when done appropriately, leveraging relationships actually builds trust and creates exponential opportunity. Join Ken and Yetta to understand the joy and wisdom that comes from maximizing the potential of your relationships.

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10-07-22 Are Rates Getting to You?

Are your stress levels climbing higher than the rising interest rates? Have you been able to go a week without hearing talk of the rate hikes? Whether it’s in the break room at work, news alerts popping up on your phone, or a social media reel, people’s dismay is ringing loud and clear. You may be feeling the pressure yourself if you are looking to buy a home, an investment property, or if it’s coming time to renew your existing mortgage. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with The Dekker Team, we’ll give you wise counsel during this uncertain time. Join Ken and Yetta to understand how you can get the clarity you need to make well informed decisions that will move you forward to make your next best move.

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