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03-25-22 My Mind. My Responsibility?!

Did you know that you can change your mind?! As you think, you change the structure of your brain. Does this mean we should trust our mind? Do we need to take inventory of our thoughts? In this episode, we will discuss how we can think about what we are thinking about, and learn to master our own minds in order for us to experience LIFE exponential.

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03-18-22 Investing Here or There?!

Have you considered that investment properties don’t have to be limited to your city, province or country? Have you pondered the idea of investing somewhere with a bit more heat? In this episode, we discuss how investments near or far can have a positive impact on your life and wealth now and in the future!

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03-11-22 Friendships Come In Various Types?

Do you have an inner circle of people you do life with? How do you determine who is in your inner circle? How do you know if someone is an acquaintance over a friend, and why does that matter? In this episode, we will discuss how we can identify the people in our life and why this will help us thrive in life. Because these days even many introverts are feeling more isolated and discounted than they would prefer. They too are ready to be energized and invigorated through relationships.

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03-04-22 Buying the Best of the Best

Is it your time to own the BEST? What are the most important characteristics in determining the ideal space for you and your family? What is a make or break for buying a home? In this episode, we discuss essential ways that will help you break down the most important elements in choosing your BEST home!

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02-25-22 Healthy Habits or Hurtful Habits?

Many of the most effective and helpful habits are built by choosing what you want MOST, over what you want NOW. Are you maintaining habitual rituals that are serving you, or wasting your time? Do you need to re-evaluate the habits you have built in your life? In this episode, we will learn about the power of habits, how we can maintain them, and how investing your time in the RIGHT habits is worth the effort. We all have habits that cause us to do pretty much everything we do and together we can have the BEST ones.

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