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06-03-22 A Friendly Knowledgeable Realtor Is Insufficient

Let’s be real. The baseline for any service we require is that the service provider be competent, knowledgeable, and friendly. If we allow that to be enough, we risk having a less than acceptable journey, and maybe even not achieve our desired outcome. In this episode, we’ll consider what we all need in addition to the baseline. When we don’t get it, we risk not moving forward with our dream because the experience was not what was needed.

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05-27-22 Keeping Emotions in Check

Whether buying a home, selling a home, investing or being in a relationship with another, emotions have the ability to create havoc or bliss. In this episode, we’ll unpack how we can use our emotions to guide us appropriately. We either move forward to get what we are meant to receive, or we let our emotions spiral and we lose out on what was meant for us.

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05-20-22 Why the Undesirable May Be Best

Thinking differently than the typical buyer gives you access to some of the best real estate investment options available. They are often sitting there, unnoticed, undiscovered, undesired and underappreciated. In this episode we’ll explore what an outlier is, how to find an outlier, and how it may be best to own what at first seems undesirable. You can win big because buying the one no one seems to want immediately positions you ahead of the market.

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05-13-22 Action versus Intention

I have too frequently thought “Why didn’t he do what he said he would do?” Have you noticed that we tend to assess ourselves based on our intentions, and judge others based on their actions? In this episode, we’ll unpack how we tend to have a double standard, and that most often we don’t even know we have a double standard. Simply by realizing that there is discrepancy between how we assess ourselves and judge another allows us to be kinder to both.

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05-06-22 How to Overcome a Challenging Market

It seems most agree that the common and wise steps are to understand what you want, to determine what to spend, and to have knowledge about the process and information about the real estate market. Then you are ready to take action, and yet many don’t ACT. In this episode, we’ll open up the conversation about why people freeze and how to get unstuck.

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