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05-28-21 Fuel your Body and Fuel your Life

Talking about fueling your body to live your best life. We explore the body’s relationship with water, food, and calories. Exploring the effects of fasting and how to incorporate it into your life with prayer to improve your health and nourish your body.

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05-21-21 I want to be an Entrepreneur, but do I really want to be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship allows for freedom to be your own boss, make your own schedule, and fully express your creativity. But there are certainly are challenges as well. We will explore the ups and downs and pros and conc of entrepreneurship as we have experienced over the past 31+ years.

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05-14-21 The Power of Commitment

Talking about commitment and how to stay true to your word. Ensuring you are clear with the details of your commitment and that there is depth and meaning to what you say you will do. Exploring how commitment reflects your integrity and the importance of honouring commitments you make to yourself, even if no one else knows about them. We also talk about how to recommit once you have broken a commitment and how you can redeem your integrity.

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05-07-21 What Can I Afford?

Exploring how affordability will affect your real estate goals: What needs to be considered when one is trying to decipher how much they can afford? There are many factors to consider and they can accumulate quickly. We talk about the effect of the supply and demand of the market on affordability, and how we can set realistic expectations that will align with our goals.

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04-30-21 Our Journey with our Faith

Sharing our personal story with our faith and how we changed our lives around from an overall mess, to finding peace and harmony in all aspects of our life. Not to say perfection has been achieved, but certainly more peace. How wonder and community influenced us to turn to Christ and rely on our faith. We share how your mess can become your message.

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