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02-17-23 All Aboard the Investment Train!

Did you know journeying to wealth is like hopping on a train? So many of us feel we have to be holding the golden ticket of guaranteed success in order to have the confidence to climb on. Happily, as we’ll discover, confidence is not the place to start! In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll examine the 4 C’s needed for a successful trip on the real estate investment train. Join Ken and Yetta as we learn significant strategies to build each on our journey to wealth.
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02-10-23 Tired of Fighting the To-Do Monster?

Are you tired of living with more tasks than you have time to complete? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there is so much to accomplish and not enough energy or space to do all of it. Or even half of it! In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll consider what causes us to enter a state of overwhelm and how to get out of it. Join Ken and Yetta as we learn how you can prioritize your life to make space for what is most important to you.
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02-03-23 Don’t Hide the Ace in Your Pocket!

How logical would it be if you were playing poker and you hid your ace in your pocket? Believe it or not, many homeowners are doing this without even realizing it. Or they are doing it on purpose assuming it is the most responsible course of action! Join Ken and Yetta as we examine the ace in their pocket every homeowner can access with simple steps. Watch this episode to learn how to make the most of what you have.
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01-27-23 3 Keys To Grow Your Relationships

Do you associate the month of January with growth? Perhaps you are like many others who create New Year’s resolutions to foster change and improvement. Or you are excited about the new possibilities you’ll find in the fresh year ahead. Often we think of hitting the gym or eating better. What if this year we also focused on growing our connection to others? In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll examine how to grow in one of the most important aspects of our lives: our relationships. Join Ken and Yetta as we learn how to leverage three factors to take our relationships to a new level of connection.
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01-20-23 3 Top Tips for Working Remotely

With the events of the past few years, working from home has become a new normal for many of us. This presents challenges of falling under the radar in your boss’s eyes and learning to work effectively amid distractions at home. In this episode of Life’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll examine how to maximize one’s newfound resources and possibilities with our new workspaces. Join Ken and Yetta as we learn specific strategies to bring you even higher levels of effectiveness while on the job.
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