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12-08-23 House Hacks: Vision to Victory

Have you ever noticed how your environment impacts your sense of motivation? When my bedroom is cluttered with laundry and other things I must put away, I feel more likely to want to pull the covers over my head than if I wake to a tidy, well-organized space. In this week’s episode of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll examine practical insights or daily visuals that tap into the potency of consistent reinforcement.
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12-01-23 Trusting Your REALTOR®: Navigating TRESA Changes

Trusting one's REALTOR® is a common concern many buyers and sellers face. It can be a challenge trusting your most significant asset to someone out of fear of a perceived lack of control and potential exploitation. In this episode of LIFE's Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we'll shed light on the new TRESA regulations in Ontario.
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11-24-23 The Playful Approach to Home Buying

We're flipping the script on the traditionally serious narrative of home buying. In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we explore how a playful attitude will transform your experience of the process. Embracing a playful demeanor doesn't imply childishness or a lack of seriousness; rather, it's a strategic choice to be optimistic and to take control of your emotions. Join Ken and Yetta to learn how a joyful approach will redefine your journey for even greater financial success.
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11-17-23 What are the Rules in the Game of LIFE?

Have you ever wished there was a definitive guidebook to building WEALTH and an even better life? In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll dig into the guidelines we can follow to profoundly improve our financial, relational, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Join Ken and Yetta to understand the critical rules governing the game of WEALTH building in all areas of our lives - and how to apply them!
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11-10-23 Rediscovering the Joy of Reading

Would you consider yourself an avid reader or occasional reader? Perhaps you are like I was after I finished college, and I avoided books like the plague! Later, I’d develop a passion for reading and like many others, found it boosted my financial success! Not to mention relational and emotional growth as well. Join Ken and Yetta to understand why so many of us read less than we’d like to and explore valuable insights and practical tips to reignite your passion for books. Watch this video to unlock the secret to a newfound appreciation for reading; your next great read might be just around the corner!
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