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Must-Try Ice Cream Shops in the Ottawa Region

icecreamgirlWho doesn't love a giant, melty cone of ice cream on a hot sunny day? Ice cream is an essential summer treat - and, thankfully, our listening region has PLENTY of awesome ice cream stops. We've put together a list of our favourites. 

Read more for some must-try ice-cream stops this summer! 





  1. Jojo's Creameria (Stittsville and Manotick)
    Jojo's Creameria has been a staple in Stittsville for some time now, but they recently opened a location in Manotick and there have been line-ups almost every day since. This parked ice cream truck offers plenty of delicious ice-cream flavours, and lots of fun specialty cones! 

  2. Merry Dairy (Hintonburg)
    Merry Dairy is another popular ice cream stop in Ottawa, offering lots of flavours of both hard ice cream, as well as their famous frozen custard. For those with dietary restrictions and allergies, their ice cream is also all nut, peanut and sesame free, with vegan and gluten free options too! 

  3. Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe (Merrickville) 
    If you live in the Merrickville area, or are looking to take trip out for some ice cream, the Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe will not disappoint! They have many delicious flavours, including several made with local ingredients. They also offer gelato! 

  4. Magic Molecule
    Magic Molecule is hands down one of Ottawa's most unique ice cream shops! They offer ice cream with liquid nitrogen poured over it, to give it an extra cool and creamy texture, along with syringes that are inserted into the ice cream to give it a flavour boost! They also have bubble waffle ice cream, bubble tea, and regular ice cream without the liquid nitrogen. 

  5. Scoops Ice Cream (Pakenham) 
    Scoops is a classic for those in the Pakenham area. It was one of the first ice cream shops in the region, offering up ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, hurricanes and sundaes. It is a fan-favourite, and we think totally worth the extra drive this summer! 

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