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Take Your Backyard Campfire to the Next Level

campfireWhether you have a fire pit in your backyard or not, a family campfire is so much fun. At IAWAH we like to sing songs and play games around the campfire. And of course, there are s'mores. There is something wonderful about time spent around the fire. Why don't you grab your marshmallows, and pull up a seat around your very own family campfire? We've collected some ideas to help you make your backyard campfire a success.

Read more for tips and links to help you take you make the most out of your family campfire!



1. Make a great campfire. Afterall, your campfire can only last as long as it's burning! Here is a great resource to help you gather supplies and to teach your kids valuable lifeskills

2. Choose a music playlist. For a campfire with kids, we love this Kids Campfire Spotify playlist. It includes some IAWAH classics like the Great Big Moose song and Boom Chicka Boom. For an older crowd, you can play A CHRI Summer on Spotify.

3. Have some games to play! At Camp IAWAH we like to have a few laughs around the fire. Sometimes we use these Mad Libs to help us write and act out a funny story.

4. Roast something over the fire! These campfire cones are a fun, easy, and delicious s'mores variation! 


5. Sit back and enjoy spending time with your family around the fire! Sing some songs, tell stories, play 20 questions, or tell your kids about memories of them as toddlers. The most important part of this whole experience is to relax and have fun together as a family.

We hope this inspires you for your next family campfire! 

Today's article was written and provided by our friends at Camp IAWAH. Learn more or consider booking a Cabin, Tabin or Canvas Tent in the IAWAH Campground this summer at

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