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05-26-17 - Pulling into the Slow Lane

Dave and Reb talk about the warning signs and antidotes of experiencing financial fatigue.


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05-19-17 - Fear and Finances with Guest Ray Borg Pt. 3

Ray Borg from Compass Canada talks about how walking in community and accountability helps us battle fear in our lives.


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05-12-17 - Fear and Finances with Guest Kent Bandy Pt. 2

Continuing a discussion on fear and finances, Dave and Reb look at the symptoms of fear and the outside sources of fear.


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05-05-17 - Fear and Finances with Guest Kent Bandy Pt. 1

Ellel Canada Regional Director Kent Bandy talks with Dave and Reb about issues of fear in finances, and encourages us to choose trust in God, over walking in fear.


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04-28-17 - Taxes with Bron Vasic

Dave and Reb talk with business coach Bron Vasic about giving to Caesar what is Caesar's and giving to God what is God's.

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