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07-21-17 - Filling the Void

This week Dave and Reb talk with Ray Borg from Compass Canada and look at how filling the void in our lives with material possessions can lead to debt.



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07-14-17 - Coveting and Contentment

Dave and Reb continue the discussion on the why and how of debt, this week looking at coveting and contentment.



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07-07-17 - The Why and How of Debt Pt. 1

Dave and Reb tackle a four-week series looking at the Why and How of Debt, and the heart issues that can lead to our financial stresses.



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06-30-17 - Canada Day with guest MP David Sweet

Conservative MP and National Caucus Chair David Sweet joins Dave and Reb in talking about Canada's birthday and some of the financial concerns facing Canadians today.


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06-23-17 - Celebrate Canada on the Cheap

In anticipation of Canada's 150th, Dave and Reb look at some interesting and inexpensive Canadian ways to celebrate. Bring on Canada Day!


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