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DIY Colourful Chalk Bombs

chalkbombWater balloons are a go to summer activity, largely because of how fun they are to throw around and watch burst, and how versatile they are for games. Add some colour to your water balloon activities this summer with these colourful chalk bombs! Disclaimer: They are messy (but sometimes messy is fun!).

Read more to make your own DIY Chalk Bombs!


 What you need:
- 1 cup of water
- 2 tablespoons of corn starch
- A few drops of food colouring 
- Water balloons
- Pump bottles (as many as the colours you want)

Mix your water, cornstarch, and food colouring together, and add it to a pump bottle. Make sure it is well mixed, then fill your balloons with the mixture (don't fill it too much, or it will burst). Repeat the process with your different colours in different bottles. After you've finished filling all of your balloons, it's time to play! You can set up a water balloon game, draw targets on your driveway and try to hit the targets with the balloons, or just go wild! You'll find the colours aren't super clear at first, but once they dry you will have a beautiful, colourful creation!


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