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Are you a baking lover? Or a lover of the many different baking competition shows that seem to keep popping up on Netflix? Or maybe you're just looking for a new activity to do with your friends? Try hosting a bake-off! A bake-off is a fun activitiy to do with some friends, create some excitement and competition, and refine your baking skills. 

Read more for tips on hosting your own bake-off! 

To start your bake-off, you're going to want to decide who is going to be a part of it. Send out your invites, get confirmation, and decide on a day that works for everyone. 

Next, you'll want to decide what you're going to bake. You can have everyone bake just one item, or you can have a menu of baked goods that everyone will have to make and be judged on. You can also give everyone a recipe to follow, or if your group has more advanced bakers, have everyone use their own recipes! 

If you have the space, and enough ovens, you could create baking stations at your home and do the bake-off all together, but it may be easier to have everyone bake at their own homes, and then each bring their desserts over to your place after. Set a time limit, hop on a Zoom call together, and get baking!

Once your time is up and everyone has arrived at your house, it's time for the judges to do their thing! Plate your desserts, and have your judge(s) (it may be fun if it was your kids! or spouses!) rank each desert out of 5 on the following scales:
- Flavour
- Texture
- Presentation

Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner. And finally, invite all of your guests to dig in to the desserts! 

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