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DIY Bird Feeders for The Kids, Crafters, and Waste Savers


There's nothing like sitting out on a summer day, and seeing all kinds of beautiful birds flying across your yard. Having a bird feeder is one of those things where if you don't have one, you don't necessarily think about it, but once you have one, you grow an immense appreciation for the variety of birds that we can observe right in our yards throughout the summer. If you want to enjoy the beauty of God's creation from your home this year, then we encourage you to try creating your own DIY bird feeder!

Read more for 3 DIY bird feeders.


  1. For The Kids: This bird feeder, from One Little Project, has an ice cream cone as its base, and uses peanut butter to glue the bird seeds to the cone. It's a fairly simple craft that is suited well for kids. Try it out, here!

  2. For The Crafter: These cute DIY bird feeder ornaments from Country Hill Cottage are great for the craftier types! They use gelatin and water to glue the feed together, and can be used to feed birds year round. These ornaments also make a great gift! Try it out, here.

  3. For The Waste-Saver: These super simple DIY bird feeders from The Relaxed Homeschool are made with a water bottle, twigs, and bird seeds, and are sure to attract birds to your yard this summer! Try it out, here. 


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