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"Yes Day" is based on a book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with the same title, and the essential idea of this day is to spend an entire 24 hours, once a year, responding to every Yes or No question that your child asks you with a "Yes". The book recently became a Netflix movie (March 2021), featuring Jennifer Garner, and Focus on The Family's PluggedIn gave it a positive review with a "light" content caution for kids, teens, and adults.


Dawn Booth, from participated in "Yes Day" with her kids, and listed every question she responded "Yes" to. It was quite hilarious and adorable! She responded "Yes" to questions like 1) Can I have a root beer float for breakfast?, 2) Can we eat bowls of ice cream with whip cream and chocolate syrup for breakfast?, and 3) Can you create an account on Roblox and play with us?

While you may consider some of those "silly asks", and most definitely not questions you would be wise to answer with "Yes" everyday, it sounds like a fun way to breakdown some of the structure of every day life, and bond with your children as they receive your undivided attention for a whole day.

Kristin Smith from PluggedIn also offers a variation of Yes Day, called "Yes Time", which is slightly more restrained, but still comes with the same concept of responding with "absolutely" to whatever your children are asking (within reason). It narrows down the day to a few hours, and may be more suitable to you, depending on your situation and parenting style.

Kristin Says, "Because the point here isn’t to just say 'yes' for the sake of the word. The point is to relax. It’s to have fun. It’s to realize that just as we need breaks and freedom and the space to do what we want sometimes, so do they. And as you set aside time to be intentional with the ones who have been entrusted to you, you can create fun traditions that will last."

Are you going to try Yes Day? If you do, let us know how it goes! And if you are not a parent of young children, send this to a parent you know - perhaps they will be open to trying it and grow closer as a family in doing so! 

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