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09-17-21 Getting Ready to Own Is as Simple as 1-2-3

Have you ever considered the amount of money you earn in a lifetime, and wondered what happens to it? Why are some people broke their whole life and others who have earned the same amount have an abundance? Interestingly, the three basic steps to becoming wealthy, as described in The Wealth Formula, apply specifically to buying your first house or buying an investment property. There are more similarities than differences. If you already own a home, you have likely already seen the value of owning and experienced the steps associated with buying, and a refresher will be of huge value. Is it your time to take the plunge into owning? If yes, this is a prescriptive show tailor made for you. This is absolutely for you if you want to know the steps to building financial wealth through real estate. Ready for a new and improved outcome, join this episode and get your 1-2-3 in the right order.


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