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09-10-21 Who You HANG With Matters...More Than You THINK!

Do you remember your parents saying to you, or maybe you said it to your kids, “Be careful about who you hang out with because you will become like them.” I sure do and I thought there would be a time in life that I would outgrow being impacted so significantly by the attitudes and actions of those that I spend time with. We have a tendency to think the company we keep only makes us who we are, when we are kids. Have you ever noticed that all of a sudden you had a new attitude or behaviour that was out of character for you? Have you ever had a close friend say, “you are in my head and I sounded just like you?” Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood and wondered how that was possible because you had had a fabulous day? Together we’ll explore how to choose the right ones to hang with no matter what our age is and even how to be the right one to hang with.


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