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02-10-23 211 with John Hoyles

Where do you go when you can’t pay your hydro bill? What do you do when you don’t have enough to eat? The answer? Dial 211. Today on “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb”, the co-hosts welcome John Hoyles, the executive director at Community Navigation of Eastern Ontario/211 East to explain how this navigation system works. 211 is a helpline that connects people to the social services, programs, and community support they need. It is a relatively unknown service available in regions all across Canada. With over 7500 services in the Eastern Ontario database, community navigators receive the calls and help people find exactly which services they need to solve their problems. Tune in and listen to today’s conversation which is sponsored by the Ottawa-based Crosspoint Financial team led by Brent Vandermeer. There, you will discover a place to invest with purpose. Go to to find out more, or to book an appointment with a financial advisor.


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