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02-03-23 Living Your Financial Reality

What is your current financial reality? How much money comes in and how much is going out? What are you paying in interest to service your debt? Or how are you intentionally saving money? On today’s episode of “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb”, the co-hosts talk about financial awareness, and planning what you spend and spending what you plan. Dave encourages people to focus on planning because paying down debt and saving money are possible—it may just look a little different than when interest rates and inflationary pressures were lower. Dave and Reb remind listeners that saying “yes” to some things, means saying “no” to others. Financial planning, meal planning, and planning of all kinds is a part of living your reality. Tune in and listen to today’s conversation which is sponsored by the Ottawa-based Crosspoint Financial team—a place to invest with purpose. Go to to find out more, or to book an appointment with a financial advisor. To learn more about Michelle Singletary, the financial columnist mentioned on today's show, go to


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