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10-15-14 - How To Talk So People Will Listen

You can become an effective, persuasive speaker no matter who you are or what your line of work. It all starts here. Click here for Brock's interview with Steve Brown, author of "How To Talk So People Will Listen, Revised and Expanded Edition" from this week's Wednesday Bookmark!


In our world, there are so many voices vying for attention—online, on TV, on electronic devices of every kind—it’s harder than ever to be heard. But nothing cuts through the static like the spoken word.

Do you long to be able to persuade others?

Do you want to be able to command a room?

Do you want to say the right thing at the right time?

Words are powerful when they are used correctly. If you want to motivate your kids or employees, convince your boss to give you a raise, speak with confidence to large groups of people, or give a report that won’t leave them snoozing, How to Talk So People Will Listen is the resource you need. With humorous stories and inventive, practical tips, communicator Steve Brown shows you how to speak with authority, win an argument, overcome your fears of public speaking, and more.

This revised and updated edition includes three new chapters to help you navigate the ever-changing communication landscape, with specific advice on reaching younger generations, savvy use of social media, and more.

Click here for more details and to purchase this book online.

About the Author

Steve Brown is an author, speaker, and professor of communications and practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. A Bible teacher on the daily radio program Key Life, Brown is also founder and president of KeyLife Network.





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