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03-23-16 - Diamond Arrow

A fictional fantasy adventure series that shows young readers the power of prayer and God’s word. Listen here to Care Baldwin's interview with local Ottawa author, Henri T. De Souza about Book 1 in the Diamond Arrow Series "Golden Warriors Series" on this week's Youth Wednesday Bookmark, brought to you by

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The Diamond Arrow: Golden Warriors is a fictional book that relates the story of Silas and Lydia, twin brother and sister, who embark on a captivating adventure that transforms them into Golden Warriors. Set in the 11th century, their enchanting expedition leads them to an ancient scroll which will be re-discovered centuries later among the Dead Sea Scrolls. The twins unexpectedly meet with a wise man living inside a mountain that has special abilities and get to use a hovering portal which transports them instantly to a secret gathering. While they journey through fascinating events, they converse with a powerful angel of the heavens’ armies who provides them with detailed insights on the full divine armor that links them to the spiritual world.

Readers will enjoy a memorable adventure in this novel while being exposed to a practical way to apply the Word on a daily basis. The booklovers will equally delight in fast-paced action, fresh humor, and spectacular power demonstrations of the Word of the Lord of Hosts in The Diamond Arrow – Golden Warriors.

About the Author:

Henri T. De Souza is a Université de Sherbrooke graduate and a former language assessor. He currently lives in North-Glengarry, nestled between Montreal and Ottawa, in Canada, with his wife and their four children.


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