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11-23-11 - Our Chosen Child

chosen_childClick here for Care's interview with local author & Generation Pastor at The Lifecentre, Kimberly Sabourin on her book "Our Chosen Child - Talking to Children About Inter-Cultural Adoption" from this week's Wednesday Bookmark, brought to you by Salem Storehouse!



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November is Adoption Month and Canada has 30,000 children and youth in permanent foster care. This book provides adopted children with the answers they need to develop a healthy self-image and truly know just how incredible and unique their story is.


From the author:
"The motivation for writing this book was to empower my daughter with the answers she would need to develop a healthy self-image. My daughter was adopted as a newborn and my goal as her mother is to daily ensure that she feels safe and secure with her story.
Every child has a story. My role, as a mother, is to ensure each one of my children know just how incredible and unique their story is. This story reflects our unique journey of being a inter- cultural family involving a private, open adoption. Every adoption and every family is unique."


About the author:
Kimberly Sabourin is the Generations Pastor at Lifecentre and has been on staff for over two decades. She is an Ordained Minister, a former Kindergarten Teacher, Elementary Vice-Principal, Child Psychology major, breast cancer advocate, marathon runner, author as well as a parent, step-parent and adoptive-parent. Her business, Destiny Adoption Services, helps families navigate through the vast waters of adoption. Kimberly's passion is to empower adoptive families with the tools they need to raise healthy secure children.
Kimberly is married and has three children and two grown stepchildren.