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Family Olympics


After being postponed for a whole year, the Tokyo Olympics officially start TODAY! To celebrate the start of the games, why not play a round of Family Olympics? 

Read more for ideas to incorporate next time you play Family Olympics!


Today's article was written and provided by our friends at Camp IAWAH. Learn more or consider booking a Cabin, Tabin or Canvas Tent in the IAWAH Campground this summer at

Last week we had some friends over to our house. It was the first time in over a year and we were stoked to make some memories together. All the adults worked at Camp IAWAH in their teens or twenties in varying roles. We figured we could easily pull off a camp event for the kids right there in our backyard. We quickly thought of a handful of easy games to play, competition style. The bonus was that it was easy to put together and didn't take a lot of work or extra supplies. We'll make it even easier for you and give you a few tips, and share some of our games.

1. Work with what you have. Sometimes you'll need to buy something but most of the time you can think outside of the box and come up with a fun solution.
2. Have the adults split up the teams, mix the families, abilities, and skills.
3. Wear something to identify the team (face paint, a coloured T-shirt, silly animal hats) and remember to take a team photo.
4. Hype is contagious! If you're excited and over the top about silly games the kids will be too.
5. Give out lots of points! Getting 100 points is so much more fun than getting just 1. Play for bragging rights or a prize, it's up to you.

Game Ideas:
- First team to throw five objects into a bucket set away from the team wins.
- First team to five hits: Use a nerf gun to hit an empty bottle off a chair.
- Over-under competition with an object (Pass an item like a basketball or stuffie down a line alternating between through the legs and over head – which line can go the fastest?)
- Paper plane distance competition
- Float a ping pong ball out of a bucket relay race. Using water guns to fill the bucket.
- Most Mad Gab cards that were guessed correctly in 2 minutes
- Scooter relay race
- Kids bike relay race
- The first team to get five baskets from the three-point line.
- The first team to finish a pudding cup each without using their hands.

Our first annual Family Olympics was a huge hit! We are all still talking and joking about it, days later...I'm sure our neighbours are too! If you're around our neighbourhood next July keep a lookout for two crazy families in dog and cat hats, laughing and making memories.


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