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10 Summertime Journal Prompts


Keeping a journal or a diary has shown to have many great benefits. It can help us clarify and understand our thoughts, express our deepest desires, and inspire our creativity. It is also a great tool in relieving everyday stress, and as Christians, journaling can bring us closer to God.

It can sometimes be hard to know what exactly to write about, so I've put together a list of prompts for you to write on this summer. I encourage you to carve out some time to journal over these next couple of months. Who knows, it may just lead to the breakthrough you've been looking for! 

Read more for 10 summertime journal prompts. 

  1. What were your top 3 highlights this week? How did they make you feel? Why are they your highlights? Does reflecting on this reveal anything about yourself, or where you could be placing more of your time?
  2. In what area do you hope to grow this summer, and what steps can you take to do this?
  3. What is your best childhood summer memory? Write it out as a story. How did you feel at the time? Is there anything in your life now that brings back similar feelings?
  4. If you were in the Summer Olympics, which sport would you participate in? Why?
  5. Go on a hike, and then write about it. What did you see? Smell? Hear? How did you feel? What did you think about?
  6. Is there anything you feel you need to say "No" to this summer, so you can give your best "Yes" to something else?
  7. What has God revealed to you through nature this summer?
  8. What song has brought you closer to God this summer? Why?
  9. What is one thing you've learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that you will take with you this summer, even as things begin to reopen?
  10. Write a gratitude letter to God.



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