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Beauty Hack, or Weird Trend?

ketchupThe hot summer weather calls for lots of pool time, but the chlorine that accumulates on our hair over time can do some damage. How can you prevent chlorine from damaging your hair? Beauty expert Emma Heming Willis recently revealed that she uses ketchup--yes, ketchup (on its own!)--to bring life back into her mane when it's feeling the chlorine. On The TODAY Show, she said that the tomato and the vinegar is very acidic, so together they can help with chlorine build-up. Who knew?!

Read more for how to apply the one-ingredient hair mask! 


- Apply ketchup all throughout your hait (put it on thick!)
- Tie your hair up
- Cover your hair with a shower cap
- Leave it on for 30-90 minutes
- Wash it out with shampoo and conditioner

And, voila! If you can get past the smell, you should be on your way to silky, smooth hair! 


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