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Explore Insects with the Kids

magnifyingglassWe’ve all seen insects buzzing or crawling around, but have you ever wondered what they are or how you can tell them apart? Who knows how many you can find in your own backyard, or on a nature walk? In this video you’ll be surprised to learn a bit more about them and what they do.



My suggestion is to go exploring with a medium sized jar or a container with a lid and set out to find a few creepy crawlies.  Be sure to look under rocks where the ground is damp to find some very interesting bugs.  Then carefully put a couple inside your jar along with grass and see up close and personal who these little critters are.  Be sure to put holes in the lid just to keep them safe too.  If you have a magnifier you’ll be able to see the detail on their bodies too.  How many legs do they have, do they have antennae, big eyes, lots of eyes, spots, wings, hair, colour?!  There’s so much to know and discover about each one and how cool is that!  You could also try to ‘catch and release’ a brightly coloured butterfly or moth?  But how can you tell them apart?!  Look them up on the internet, or in this video, to learn more about these very important insects.

Have fun watching the video, exploring nature and learning some fun facts about what’s all around you. These bugs and insects are here for a purpose and hope you get to enjoy them too!!  My favorites are bumblebees, butterflies and dragonflies!  Let me know what you learn about them and if you like them as much as I do! 


- Dianne VDP


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