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Family-Time Conversation Starters

dinnertimeWe often get into the flow of our busy schedules and forget to nurture some of the most important relationships in our lives -- those with our families. Strengthen your family dynamic by engaging in meaningful conversations and encouraging your kids express their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Asking unique questions at family-time will bring your family closer together and empower your children to think more about themselves, their interests, and our world.

Read more for a list of conversation starters to fill your family time with quality, meaningful conversations!

1. If you could be a volunteer anywhere in the world, which country would you choose, and why?
2. What qualities does a person need to be a good friend?
3. What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish this year?
4. Where should Mom and Dad go for their next date?
5. How many different feelings (emotions) have you experienced today?
6. What’s the most hilarious dream you’ve ever had?
7. What’s the most interesting topic you discussed at virtual school this week?
8. What is your favourite character, and why?
9. How has God helped you this week?
10. What would you like to go back and change about today?
11. How would you help a friend who needs encouragement?
12. If you could have any wild animal in the world as a pet, which animal would you choose, and why?
13. What's the most exciting news you've heard recently?
14. What's the first thing you would do if you were elected Prime Minister of Canada?
15. If you could plan the kids' menu for a restaurant, what dishes would you serve?
16. What's the best compliment you've ever received?
17. Who is the funniest person you know?
18. What would you like to be better at?
19. What do you like best about our family, and how can we make our family even better?
20. Who is the most patient person you know? How can you tell they are patient?

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