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Outdoor Toys for Kids Under $100


With the weather warming up and kids almost being out of school, it's time to bring out the summer toys. Keep your children entertained all summer with this list of fun, outdoor toys and games, all under $100!

Read more for 7 items to keep your kids exploring and having fun outdoors. 

  1. Water Table - $39.99 - $99.99
    If you have a toddler, you've likely heard of a water table by now. They are making all the rage this summer, for good reason. They are a safe, fun way for kids to play with water and get a sensory experience while enjoying the outdoors.
    We also have a contest running until June 13th to win a Water Table! 

  2. Lawn Mower - $19.99
    Teach them while they're young! This bubble lawn mower shoots out bubbles as you're mowing the lawn. Have your child help you mow the lawn and watch the bubbles come to life! 

  3. Balance Bike - $79.99
    Balance bike's are a great way to get your toddler familiar with being on a bicycle, before they are ready to try a pedal bike. Your child will learn balance and essential motor skills, and have fun seeing how fast they can go! Plus...they come in all different colours! 

  4. T-Ball Set - $29.99
    Help your toddler build hand-eye coordination and let some energy out with this fun T-Ball set! 
  5. Basketball Set - $49.99 (As an Amazon Associate, CHRI earns from qualifying purchases)
    This basketball set can be used indoors or outdoors, and is great for growing children, as it has an adjustable height. 


  6. Ladder Ball - $69.99 (As an Amazon Associate, CHRI earns from qualifying purchases)
    Great for your older kids (and parents!), ladder ball is a fun, easy to set-up game that involves tossing a rope with a ball attached to each end over a ladder.


  7. Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler - $92.95
    Simply inflate your rainbow, plug it into the hose, and let the rain pour down! A fun way for your child to play in water and cool off on a hot summer day. 

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