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10-Minute Outdoor Workout

day3 outdoorworkout

With our latest lockdown here in Ontario, many of us have struggled with motivation to workout. Gyms have been closed for what seems like ages, and - let's be honest - working out in the confines of our homes isn't always the most inspiring undertaking. But that doesn't mean working out has to be cancelled, and it doesn't mean we can't still have fun doing it!

Read more for a quick 10-minute outdoor workout.

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Run up and down your driveway for 2 minutes

Repeat 4x
- 15 pushups against your car
- 12 squat jacks
- 12 curb or step tricep dips 
- 30 curbside mountain climbers

- 1-minute of full burbees! 


Running...need we say more? You can either power walk, take a light jog...or go all out! Remember, it's only for two minutes, so we recommend you push yourself a little! ;)

IMG 4478 1

Pushups against your car...the closer to the ground your hands are, the more of a challenge you will be getting! 


IMG 4480IMG 4479


IMG 4481IMG 4482

Squat a jumping jack, but land in a squat! 

IMG 4483IMG 4484

Curb or step tricep dips...toes pointing forwards, fingers pointing forwards, elbows straight back! 


IMG 4485IMG 4486


IMG 4488IMG 4487


IMG 4490IMG 4489

Curbside mountain a plank, imagine that you're running up a mountain! Bring your knee as close to your chest as possible before switching legs.

IMG 4491IMG 4493

Burpees...the dreaded burpee. But you only have one minute, and then you're DONE! Jump as high as you can, shoot your legs out to plank, pushup, jump back up, and repeat! 

Untitled 1IMG 4496IMG 4498IMG 4501





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