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01-13-23 Tax Season Preparation with the MTE Tax Team

The tax season is beginning to build momentum as we enter the new year of 2023. On today's "Let's Talk Money with Dave and Reb", the co-hosts welcome More Than Enough tax specialists Bron Vasic and Destiny Johnson to talk taxes. Focusing on the tax support MTE offers, Bron and Destiny outline the importance of collecting documents, communicating with CRA, and mitigating fears around taxes by knowing and preparing what is needed for your tax returns. This year’s personal tax deadline is May 1st, in light of April 30th falling on a Sunday. Listen to hear today's conversation which is sponsored by Financial Discipleship Canada and one of its ministries - a ministry to the body of Christ that voices and encourages dialogue and new conversations regarding finance and our discipleship to Christ. To learn how you can connect your finances to being a disciple of Christ go to To learn more about what is needed for this tax season, call the More Than Enough Tax office at 613-520-4157.

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