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07-15-22 Rates, Mortgages and Inflation

There is a lot of concern over inflation and interest rates in the Canadian economy, but on today’s “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb” the co-hosts want to encourage listeners to take some time, breathe, and consider the historical context for interest rate fluctuations. To help Dave keep context, he keeps the historical interest rate graph from 1935 to present day on his desk. Alongside that, he also encourages listeners to create a financial plan and stick to it.
They encourage people to live on less than they make, build an emergency cushion, pay down debt, and keep capturing money efficiently, making sure financial trouble is avoided. Tune in to hear their discussion. Today's show is sponsored by More Than Enough Financial - a financial coaching, tax, and mortgage company empowering people to effectively manage their finances, while finding hope and financial freedom one day at a time. You can also listen to the financial fitness seminar led by Dave and Reb by going to these links: Financial Fitness Seminar link, or for a shorter version Debt Snowball link. These recordings will help you create a plan for debt repayment. To order Reb's e-book, audio book, or soft-cover copy of Cultivating Trust: Finding God's Hope and Freedom for Your Finances, go to

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