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01-28-22 Let's Talk Tithing

The discussion of tithing may or may not be a controversial subject for you, depending on your perspective. Today on "Let's Talk Money with Dave and Reb," the co-hosts welcome Rev. Ray Borg from Financial Discipleship Canada and to discuss the subject of tithing and giving from a cheerful heart, as they provide a perspective of grace and generosity. They don't provide black and white answers, but do their best to create a foundation of truth and understanding for those wondering if tithing applies to Christians today. Looking at the story of the first tithe by Abram in Genesis 14, they dig into the heart of tithing and giving as an act of worship. Today's show was inspired by a SeedTime Money recording with Bob and Linda Lotich. Follow this link to hear their discussion. Today's show is sponsored by Financial Advisor Bold Kere of Bold Care Financial. A podcaster and friend of More Than Enough, Bold believes in identifying financial blind spots so people can have a clear action plan to live their best lives with God. You can find out more by going to his website, or you can listen to his podcast Thrive 11-10 airing on CHRI 99.1 FM on Monday mornings at 9:30 a.m.


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