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12-03-21 God's Economy at Christmas with Arlene Borg

This has not been an easy few years for Canadians, so today on "Let's Talk Money with Dave and Reb," the co-hosts invite their friend Arlene Borg to share her love of Christmas and how we can continue to navigate this season and trust in God's economy for living and giving. She shares tips on how to make Christmas purchases that won't break the bank, while explaining that generosity and gift-giving are a part of how God expresses His love to others. Using what you have, simplifying, and purchasing investment gifts that make a difference to help people who struggle financially, are among her tips and ideas for this special time of year. Listen in to hear their conversation. Today's show is sponsored by More Than Enough Financial - a financial coaching, tax, and mortgage company helping people find hope and freedom in their finances one day at a time. Go to for more information.


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