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Each week on "Jewish Faith & Jewish Facts", Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Israel, Steven Garten, will explore aspects of the Jewish religion, people, and holidays, and give insight on the ancient scriptures from a Jewish perspective.

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Listen to past episodes, below. 

06-27-21 - Turning Curses into Blessings

06-20-21 - Leadership the Right Way and the Wrong Way

06-13-21 - Rebellion and Response

06-06-21 - The Spies in the Land of Israel

05-30-21 - Beginning the 4th Book of the Torah [encore]

05-23-21 - The Ancient Nazarite and the Modern Searcher

05-16-21 - Returning to the Wilderness

05-09-21 - Jewish Time

05-02-21 - The Counting of the Omer

04-25-21 - Yom Kippur Then and Now

04-18-21 - What is Purity and Impurity?

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