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The Multiplication Factor: 16 Truths About Partnering with God in Business and Life

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How can God's truths not only transform lives, but bring the multiplication of blessings?

Tune in Wednesday, May 15th at 9 A.M. ET for Brock's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Mark Walker.

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Book Description:

When we partner with God, He won't only provide the seeds, He'll multiply them beyond what we ever could've imagined.

In The Multiplication Factor, author Mark Walker calls on years of experience as well as countless testimonies to reveal how God's truths can not only transform lives, but bring the multiplication of blessings. As each chapter unfolds, Walker reveals more of God's faithful partnership with us and how we can activate His promises in our lives to reach our greatest potential. When we allow ourselves to be tools in His hands, miracles can happen.

Thought provoking, and utterly unique, The Multiplication Factor will encourage and remind us that when we connect to the power of God, the possibilities are endless.

About the Author:

Mark Walker grew up in Spokane, Washington and earned his degree at the University of Washington. He is a devoted husband to Pam, father of 2 daughters, and grandfather of 5 wonderful grandchildren. Mark is also a businessman who opened his first furniture store, Walker's Furniture, in 1980 with the purpose of making enough money to impact society and help advance the kingdom of God. By partnering with God, his business grew from a 2,000 square foot, single location to 13 furniture stores with over 200 employees and retail sales of $60 million a year. Mark and Pam's passion is to encourage and support ministries that are making a difference, impacting cities and nations at home and abroad. He has spoken nationally and internationally at several conferences.


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