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The Story of Home

bookmark the story of homeThe Story Of Home helps families discover God's perfect plan to build the homiest of homes through Jesus. REPLAY Care's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Caroline Saunders.

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Book Description: 

No one makes a home like God!
The Bible is filled with stories about homes, from the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land, from the tabernacle in the desert to the temple in Jerusalem. But what do these stories have in common? What is God showing us through them? Enter The Story of Home and discover God’s perfect plan to build the homiest of homes through Jesus. Learn how Jesus welcomes all who are homesick to be part of His family and live happily with Him forever!

- Filled with stunning illustrations
- Traces the theme of home throughout the Bible
- A perfect house-warming gift for a family
- Can also encourage those who are homesick, lonely, or without a permanent home
- Also available in this series: The Story of Water: God at Work in the Bible's Watery Tales

About the Author:

Caroline Saunders is a writer, teacher, and writing teacher who believes in taking Jesus seriously and being un-serious about nearly everything else. (She usually laughs when she burns dinner.) Caroline lives with her husband Luke and their three funny kids in north Mississippi, where Luke pastors a church and the kids run wild in the lobby. Caroline loves to help others know and enjoy God and His Word, and she hopes this book shows you that Jesus is the way to your true Home, a Home where everything will finally be perfect, where God’s children will be safe and loved and laughing forever! 



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