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What do You Say to a Dragon?

whatdoyousaytoadragon 330Many kids experience fear and anxiety, and go to their parents for comfort. How can parents have healthy, healing discussions with children that will help them face their fears? Replay Care's Wednesday Bookmark interview with Lexi Young Peck. 

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Book Description: A young boy wakes from a nightmare about a scary dragon and comes to his parents for comfort. Instead of responding with answers that can feel dismissive to a child such as, “It isn’t real. Don’t be afraid,” his parents’ reply models for moms and dads how to have healthy, healing discussions with their children that include phrases such as, “I hear what you are telling me, and it sounds scary.” Instead of denying fear, kids will learn to face it head on and to stand up to things that scare them when appropriate.

What Do You Say to a Dragon? is a whimsical book that empowers children to express their emotions and use their imaginations to change the power dynamic of anxiety while also giving parents a healthy approach to helping their kids face fears.

About the Author: Lexi graduated summa cum laude from Portland State University with a BA in psychology, centering her studies on childhood development. Halfway through her undergraduate work and pregnant with her first child, her passion to deeply understand how children develop and thrive in the world became a driving focus. Lexi became a children's author with the intention of passing on her insight to those who are hoping to engage parenting to the fullest.

Lexi's first children's book was born out of a real-life situation with her daughter, Vivian, waking from a recurring nightmare. What Do You Say to a Dragon? is Lexi's way of creating cohesion between the wisdom of an adult and the eager heart of a child.



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