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Protecting Your Child from Predators

protectingchildpredators 33Even good parents often underestimate the dangers their children face. Read more for Brock's non-fiction Wednesday Bookmark interview with Beth Robinson.

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Book Description: Even good parents often underestimate the dangers their children face. Research indicates that one in four females and one in six males are sexually abused before age 18. In most cases, the enemy is not a faceless stranger; it's someone you know and trust--a neighbor, a coach, or even a family member. This book provides practical steps to ensure you're doing all you can to reduce the risks of abuse. But since you cannot be with your children 24/7, it goes beyond what you can do as a parent to teach you how to increase your child's own awareness and strategies in the face of potential dangers--without making them fearful. Dr. Robinson, whose decades-long practice focuses on abused and endangered children, calls on her own case studies to show age-appropriate conversation starters for parents, teaching them how to ask the right questions and provide the right boundaries. This book will help you move from fear to confidence on this heavy topic that is just too important to ignore.

About the Author: Beth Robinson, EdD, is a licensed professional counselor and approved supervisor for licensed professional counselors. She is also a certified school counselor with a teaching certificate and is a frequent expert witness in legal proceedings involving sexual abuse. Dr. Robinson and her family live in Lubbock, Texas.




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