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A Supernatural Thriller

thegift matthews 330Fae fights for her life and for her soul in this mind-bending, psychological struggle against darkness. Read more for Care Baldwin's YA Wednesday Bookmark interview with local author Stephanie M. Matthews.

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(Originally aired November 29, 2017)

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Book Description: Edited by New York Times Best Seller editor Steve Parolini, “The Gift” is a supernatural thriller that will carry you away to the wintery streets of Europe, and insert you into the struggle against a darkness that haunts an innocent village. A journey that will grip you until the very end, this is a story that will not be quickly, or easily, forgotten.
It’s Christmas time, and Fae Peeters is an exchange student in her grandparents’ native country of Belgium focused on studying architecture. After receiving a vague and bewildering letter from her Grandmother with cryptic instructions, Fae arrives in a small Belgian village to receive an unprecedented Christmas gift. Greeted by a picturesque holiday villagescape, Fae is unable to shake the feeling that the perfection is hiding something, and she worries that it may be connected to her grandmother’s Christmas gift. Almost immediately upon arriving in the village, Fae experiences something she can only describe as the onset of insanity- but is it? Or is it something much darker?
The longer she stays in the village, the more disconcerted she becomes as she begins to uncover more mysteries and fewer answers. Desperate to keep a hold on her fleeting sanity, and not wanting to disappoint her beloved Grandmother by quitting the village before she gets her present, Fae befriends the only one who seems to want to help her, to protect her, but even he might not be what he appears... In what becomes a mind-bending, psychological struggle of hidden truths against the darkest of evils, Fae’s fight for her life and for her soul, and the realization of what living through this Christmas Eve will ultimately mean for her, is a wild, supernatural ride that will keep you hungrily turning each page, desperate for more.

A Christmas story for the modern reader, “The Gift” is a story of survival that will challenge your perception of the world around you, taking you through suspense, the supernatural, and the Christmas season, in a narrative to satisfy thrill seekers and holiday lovers alike.


About the Author: Having been raised as an East Coast girl in Truro, Nova Scotia, Stephanie M. Matthews has spent time living in Newfoundland, Oklahoma, and Italy. She has currently settled in Ontario working for a non-profit organization and writing in her spare time. Thriller books were key to Stephanie’s love of reading, but admits to not reading many because of how easily she scares without being able to defend herself. It’s sad but true. When not writing or working, Stephanie enjoys fueling her passion for Ancient Rome and staying active: mountain biking and pretending like she can play hockey. Stephanie also loves following some great T.V. shows, and combatting her arch nemesis: her love of cookies. She can always be engaged by helping to plan her bucket list, for which she had to come to the harsh reality that time travel is not an option.



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