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Interview: World Vision Canada End Child Slavery

world_visionListen to Ashley's interview with Cheryl Hotchkiss, World Vision Canada's End Child Slavery Campaign Manager.


Sunday, June 10th is International Day to end Child Labour.  Visit for information and resources, including a Bible study, poster, fact sheet, handouts and church youth resources on how you and your church get involved in the fight to end Child Labour. 

Three things that Christians can do:

 1) Learn about modern-day child slavery and encourage their church to do a bible study or sermon on issues of poverty and injustice related to child slavery, pray and/or take political action.

2) Become more informed consumers by making "ethical" choices to ensure that our purchasing power doesn't harm children.

3) Ask the Canadian government to make sure that its efforts to fight human trafficking address the needs and experiences of children and takes concrete action to stop children from being trafficked in the first place.

By using our voices and making changes in our lifestyles to help minimize the demand for exploited labour, we can shed light on this injustice and improve the lives of children we have never met. When we advocate children who are trafficked or in 3D jobs, we help restore unjust relationships, and live closer in step with Jesus by helping our society better reflect the principles and practices of God's Kingdom.

There are many ways you and your church can help end child labour all year long – no action is too small! Visit the World Vision End Child Slavery site for more details and a wealth of resources including a Bible study, poster, fact sheet, church youth resources, etc.


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