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Fill Your Cup With Encouragement - Take The Challenge!


Fill your cup with encouragement and take the 30 Day Listening Challenge!

New registration for the 30 Day Listening Challenge is officially closed! Congratulations to our three Nespresso winners, Rhanel, Heather and Janet! We encourage you to continue filling your cup with daily encouragement through the music and messages on CHRI. God bless!

It's back again - we're inspired every year by the testimonies that come out of this challenge! We believe that when you listen exclusively to CHRI Radio for 30 days in a row, you will be encouraged and inspired, resulting in a positive shift in your mood, behaviour and outlook on life.

HOW: Beginning January 8th, 2024, fill out the form below to tell us you’re taking the challenge. 

PRIZE: Entries received by February 7th, 2024 will be entered into the draw to win 1 of 3 Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ Coffee and Espresso Machines, as well as a brand new CHRI mug!

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us how the 30-Day Listening Challenge has been impacting you.

Unless otherwise directed, CHRI reserves the right to share testimonies and good news stories that come out of this challenge, for promotional use.

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