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How to Make Giant Bubbles

giantbubblesAlmost every child enjoys playing with bubbles. Take this classic summer activity to the next level, by making your own giant bubbles! This DIY activity is originally from


Ingredients for Bubble Solution:
1 heaping tablespoon baking powder
1 heaping tablespoon guar gum
1 cup blue Dawn dish soap
1 gallon (16 cups) water

How to Make Bubble Solution:
Step 1: In a large bucket or pot, whisk together dish soap, baking powder, and guar gum until all lumps disappear. Remember, it has to be bigger than 1-gallon size because you will be adding a full gallon of water to this mixture.
Step 2: Add water. It’s best NOT to use hot water with this recipe because it ended up making all the ingredients clump up and it didn’t mix well for some reason.
Step 3: Gently whisk all ingredients approximately 10 seconds or until well mixed.
Step 4: Let mixture sit in container overnight or up to 24 hours before using. This final step is important! If you try to use this bubble solution right away, it will not do nearly as well as if you wait. Just give it a good stir or shake before using and you will be fine.

After you mix together your bubble ingredients and set them aside, it’s time to make your bubble wand so you can make some awesome giant bubbles!

Materials for Bubble Wand for Giant Bubbles
- 2 sticks approximately 6-12 inches in length (You can use kabob skewers and cut off the pointy ends, they worked perfectly kids ages 2-15 years)
- Cotton string
- Metal washer or similarly heavy bead

The longer the sticks and the string, the bigger the bubbles! 

How to Make the Bubble Wand:
Step 1: Tie the top of the sticks together with string approximately 12-18 inches in length.
Step 2: Then tie another length of string to the top of one of the sticks (“Stick A”). This string should be approximately twice the length of the first string.
Step 3: Thread the washer/bead onto this second string, and tie the other end of this string to the second stick (“Stick B”). When you hold up the two sticks, the string should form a triangle with the washer at the bottom. Some tutorials suggest threading on the washer and then tying a knot just above it in order to hold it in place at the bottom of the triangle.
Step 4: Wrap rubberbands around the tip of each stick to prevent the strings from sliding off when they become slimy with bubble solution. This step is optional, but highly recommended. 

How to Form Giant Bubbles:
Step 1: Put bubble wand sticks close together, slowly lower them into the bubble solution until all the string has been immersed, and then slowly lift the sticks and string up and out of the solution.
Step 2: Gently pull the sticks apart so the string makes a triangle shape, and let the breeze blow through the triangle to create giant bubbles! If there is no breeze, you can gently blow into the triangle to create bubbles, or you can walk with the sticks to create wind and bubbles.

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