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Make Anything Out of Cardboard


Parents, you know what it's like to spend money on all these toys for your children, only for them to be more fascinated by everything BUT the toys you bought them. Who says you need to continue buying all the latest gadgets and games to keep your kids happy and entertained, though? Perhaps, all you need is a few cardboard boxes to do the trick! Boxy World on YouTube has over 45 DIY cardboard craft tutorials, with the goal of engaging kids with entertaining and educational content. They offer tutorials on how to make things such as a cardboard barbecue grill, a cardboard pirate ship, a cardboard kitchen, and a cardboard basketball net. (Hint, this can save you a lot of money at Christmas!). Don't throw out all those boxes from your latest online purchases, keep them and see what cool cardboard creations your kids can make! 

Check out Boxy World on YouTube, here

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