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When It's Too Hot To Go Outside


This week is going to be HOT in the listening region! Unless you have a pool, spending all day outside is not possible or ideal for many of us. Read more for some things to do to stay busy or keep the kids entertained when it is simply too hot to go outside.


1. Do a fun science project
Here is a list of fun science projects you can try at home.

2. Make play dough

3. Solve a puzzle
Any kind of puzzle! Could be a classic jigsaw puzzle, a Rubik's cube, crossword puzzle, Sudoku, word games, etc.

4. Play a board game
Either one you have at home or go out and purchase a new one!! A new popular game that my family is loving lately is Sequence. You can play with 2-12 players ages 7 and up! You should be able to find it on Amazon or in-store at Canadian Tire, Walmart or Indigo.

5. Film a family vlog
Have you ever seen family vloggers on YouTube and Instagram? Why not make your own family vlog on a hot day!? Plan some activities, film everything, and then try your hand at video editing by chopping it up and adding some music and effects! No need to post it for the whole world to see, if you don't want to. Share it with some family friends and look back on that day for years to come. :)

6. Movie marathon

7. Clean up
Assign each family member an area of the house to do a deep clean/tidy up. At the end of the day, celebrate your hard work with a take out meal or a family trip to get ice cream.

8. Paint
Have the kids do some finger paining, or for more advanced artists, bring out the easel and begin working on your next master piece!

9. Make a fort

10. Study the word of God!
Listen to worship music, study scripture, pray, journal, and do your devotionals. Have quality fellowship and time with God with the people you share a home with.

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