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Host Your Own Outdoor Movie

outdoormovieHosting an outdoor movie is a great way to bring your friends and family together, enjoy a movie and some snacks, and take advantage of the beautiful outdoors while the weather is still warm. Plus, it is a COVID-compliant way to get together with friends! 

Read more to host your own outdoor movie night right in your backyard.



What you need: 
- A projector
- A screen
- Speakers
- An extension cord
- Lots of pillows/blankets/chairs/outdoor furniture
- Snacks and drinks

1. Confirm your guest list
When you're deciding who will be on your guest list, you're going to want to factor in two main considerations: a) Ensure you have enough space for everyone to watch the movie comfortably and safely, and b) Ensure that your movie choice is one that would appeal to everyone who will be joining. The last thing you want is for your guests to be uncomfortable throughout the movie, or be disinterested in the movie selection! 

2. Choose a movie
Once you have your guest list settled, it's time to decide what movie(s) you are going to watch. For a movie night with friends and family of all ages, choose a movie that is appealing and appropriate for the whole audience, such as a Disney movie or a classic film. If you're not sure what to watch, we recommend browsing through movies and reviews on PluggedIn. They offer reviews on all kinds of movies, and dig deep into the content and meaning behind them.

3. Get your backyard theatre ready
Unless you have a TV setup your backyard already, you will have to get some equipment for this. You will need a screen, a projector, an extension cord, and speakers. Projectors range in price, but depending on your budget, you can likely find one on Amazon (or at a local Best Buy or Walmart) that will work for you. They also last a long time and could be used for many different occasions! For your screen, you are going to need to lay either a white sheet against a flat surface against your house (or you can invest in a white screen). You will want to make sure it is big enough to project your movie onto (we recommend between 10-12 feet wide). For your speakers, any speakers that project loud enough will work, as long as you are able to plug them in or connect them to Bluetooth outside. Finally, you will likely need an extension cord so that you can connect everything to power while you are outside! 

4. Get comfy!
Now you will want to get all of your furniture, blankets, pillows and chairs set up to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. We recommend inviting all of your guests to bring their own pillows and blankets, as well as fold up chairs if you don't have enough seating areas for everyone. Make sure you have bug spray and citronella candles nearby!

5. Get your snacks ready
Finally, once everyone has arrived, you can set up your snacking area. We recommend serving up movie theatre classics, such as popcorn bags, and candy or chocolate cups. You can include things like Maltesers, Swedish Fish, M&Ms, Twizzlers, Nibs, Glosettes, Twix bites, Fuzzy Peaches, chips and more! Incorporate a cooler of juice and pop as well, and don't forget cups/plates/napkins! To take some of the burden off of yourself, you can also ask everyone to bring their own snackables, or even make it a "potluck" style!  

6. More fun ideas
- Play movie-themed games or trivia (try Kahoot!)
- Decorate your outdoor area to match the theme of the movie

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