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The BEST Homemade Ice Cream *No Machine Needed*

Ice cream is always better when it's homemade, and thankfully, you don't need a fancy machine, expensive equipment, or any obscure ingredients to make an incredible batch of homemade ice cream. We had a blast making this easy, no-machine recipe that the whole family can take part in! All you need is milk or cream, sugar, vanilla, ice, salt, and a couple ziplock baggies. That's it! The kids will *LOVE* this! 

Watch our video for how you can make your own homemade ice cream! 

- 1 cup of half & half cream (milk will work too!)
- 2 tbsp of granulated sugar
- 1.5 tsp of vanilla
- Ice to fill half of a large ziplock bag
- 1/3 cup of salt (kosher or rock salt is ideal, but table salt will work)
- Two ziplock baggies (one small, one large)

- Pour the cream, sugar, and vanilla into your smaller ziplock bag, and seal it
- Fill your large ziplock bag half-way with ice and add the salt on top
- Place the sealed, small ziplock bag in the large bag
- Add more ice to top up the large bag
Seal the large bag - and SHAKE until your ice cream has hardened! This will take approximately 10 minutes

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